free writing #7 | open mic: Misaki, the japanese sex doll

by annikamocktq

an upstanding sex doll
i see the irony, too
you don’t get to laugh though
some people like it standing up

let’s talk a little more about irony
you find a contemplative sex doll strange
but isn’t it weird how i’m made to service people
and you had to blow me first

or that we still need rubber to have sex
that you just want an unemotional bang
but I’m full of hot air
now, I’m not here to judge

but i have feelings too. last week,
when you were hosing me down
you missed a cavity
there are only three cavities

yeah that really hurt my feelings
and it wouldn’t matter and it doesn’t.
time is different for me anyway,
i’m not the sentimental type

every day you divide your lives into
compartments of time. a first kiss. 20 seconds.
a last track at a party. 4 minutes. a sunset. 7.
but i don’t see it that way

and don’t get me wrong, i’m fine with that
but yesterday you came up to me
and your eyes were clear
you held my face, intertwined our fingers

flesh and silicone indistinguishable
you tilted your face to kiss me
and i counted 20 seconds
before pulling away

writing prompt Denial