free writing #5 |whim to fancy

by annikamocktq

You are the 1%
I can never seem to shake
Peace in disquietude, beauty in chaos
To me, you are made of metaphors
Scrawling across your features,
I’ve repackaged you into a thousand poems
Just to feel you
How many times,
I pumped words into ever growing spaces
Thinking myself a mechanic
Or an operator for a carnival’s bouncy castle
Protecting lightness and buoyancy
Patching the holes with adjectives
Beautiful, kind, eloquent, intelligent, connoisseur, timeless, captive

There is a reason you only fit in poems
I have dehumanised, romanticised too much
To leave you straddled between full stops
your grip is so careless
Your head, always tilted the wrong way
Hold me
Kiss me
If nothing else,
Hand me back the words with which you are made