free writing #4 | lionheart

by annikamocktq

well son, this one’s a little tricky
you’re going to need some patience
hold your spine parallel to the pavement
yes and flat, flat as the
endless streak of evening light over the savannah
feel the grass bent against you
commit sinew and muscle
to move with it,
each step coalescing into the next
ah yes -and this is important-
pay attention to its breathing
you’ll know the second it sees you.
once you’ve made your move remember
it is no measure of health to be well adjusted to
a hostile hand
when they thrash and scream
what a feeling!

don’t look like that,
oh please don’t look like that
when prey pray,
there is no redemptive fanfare.
just the pleasant sigh of a natural order


inspired by writing prompt: Cowardice